Lifetime Warranty Myths

Independence Toyota Offers Extended Service Agreements That You Can Trust

Here at Independence Toyota: Hazleton PA we  offer great warranties with our vehicles so you can stay covered and drive with  confidence. Our warranties will make sure your vehicle is covered, but they  might look a little different from the "lifetime warranties" you  might find at other dealerships. We would be more than happy to tell you all  about our warranties so you can see that even though they are a little  different, they are actually a better option than what many other dealers  offer. Don't fall victim to the broken promise of a "lifetime  warranty."

Some customers  might ask why we don't offer the "lifetime warranties" that some  other dealerships offer; that's because we offer Toyota Extra Care Service  Agreement, which actually offer better coverage. Many so-called "lifetime warranties" can be misleading and  leave you with less coverage. In some cases these warranties are not  offered by the manufacturer, but by the dealer. This means that the dealer can  decide how long that "lifetime" is, which parts are actually covered  and more; you'll find that these decisions often benefit the dealer, rather  than the customer.

Lifetime  warranties also often leave all kinds of components uncovered, and include all  kinds of rules that can easily prevent you from actually using the warranty  when you need it. For example, if you miss an oil change, choose a non-OEM  part, or have maintenance performed at a different service center, you might  not be covered by that "lifetime warranty" anymore. We don't support  these practices; we think our customers deserve honesty and real coverage, so  we offer Toyota Extra Care Service Agreement.

Independence Toyota is one of few  Toyota dealers in Pennsylvania that still offer Toyota Extra Care Service  Agreements. These 8-year/  125,000-mile warranties cover major parts like engine, all-wheel drive and  transmission parts. They also cover wear and tear, in-car computers and more so  you can feel confident knowing that most major components of your vehicle are  covered, while the warranties you might find elsewhere often exclude some of  these components. There are several different service agreements for you to  choose from, so you can customize the exact kind of coverage you want, which is  usually not an option with other warranty offers. Some of those Toyota Extra  Care Service Agreements offer unexpected benefits like reimbursement for  lodging and meals if your vehicle breaks down out of town. Now that's what we  call coverage.

If you have any  questions about our available Toyota  Extra Care Service Agreement, feel free to call us at (800-689-9833). We  will gladly tell you all about the warranty options we have available and as  soon as you get behind the wheel of your next vehicle we will make sure you're  covered so you can get out on the Hazleton, PA roads with confidence.

 Read on to learn more about the  potential shortfalls of the shady "Lifetime Warranty" offer and why  Toyota Extra Care Service Agreements are always the smarter option when  considering a new Toyota vehicle.

 The Truth About Lifetime Warranties

Many dealerships  offer lifetime warranties with their new vehicles. Lifetime coverage may sound  like a great offer, but these warranties are not always what they seem. It's a  good idea to take a closer look at these warranties so you know exactly what  you're signing up for.

What is a Lifetime Warranty?

A lot of  companies offer a "lifetime warranty," but that term can mean  something different to each individual. Since there is no standard definition  of "lifetime," every company  gets to decide for themselves what kind of lifetime they cover and how long  that actually lasts. Often their definition is not made clear, leading to  assumptions, confusion and a warranty that benefits the company rather than the  consumer.

Whether that  "lifetime warranty" lasts for your lifetime, the product's lifetime  or any other timeframe is totally up to the company. When this warranty applies  is also up to the company. This might not match up with your expectations,  leaving you with less coverage than you need.

How Do Lifetime Warranties Apply to  Cars?

When you get a  lifetime warranty for your car, you expect to be covered from the second you  get behind the wheel until your car's lifespan has ended. However, this is not  always the case. The so-called lifetime usually begins after the manufacturer  warranty has expired. This usually means that the "lifetime" doesn't  start until you've had the car for about 5 years or 60,000 miles, which may not  be clear when you purchase that warranty.

These types of  warranties are also generally offered by new, unproven companies that haven't  yet entered their "claim zone." As we all know, new companies  sometimes fail. If that happens, your lifetime warranty will no longer be  applicable, since it is from the dealer and has no connection to the  manufacturer. Even if the dealership  just changes its ownership, you may no longer be covered, since that warranty  was from the original dealer.

In some cases,  the dealership will use an outside company to handle your warranty claims.  Sometimes these claim managers are supported by an insurance company, but that  doesn't mean that your warranty will be supported by an insurance company; it's  important to make sure you have documentation to show that your warranty is  properly backed.

Sometimes you'll  find that the selling dealer has no liability when it comes to your warranty.  If that is not a trusted dealer, you might find that they won't honor that  warranty, which means you won't be covered and you'll have to pay for repairs  yourself.

If you have any  questions about lifetime warranties and why we offer Toyota Extra Care Service  Agreement instead, don't hesitate to contact us at our Hazleton, PA dealership.  We would be happy to answer all your questions so you can get all the  information you need. Then we'll help you find a great new vehicle with an  awesome warranty so you can get our on the road and enjoy a great drive with  confidence knowing that you're covered.

Want To Test the Strength of a  Dealerships So-Called "Lifetime Warranty?"

It's quite  simple actually. When you speak with the salesperson at a dealership, the  finance manager, or whoever may be trying to attract you with the idea of being  covered for life, ask them if they would be willing to change out their  lifetime warranty for a warranty with a shorter coverage time, say a 15-year, a  10-year, or even, at the very least, the typical 5-year powertrain warranty  offered by many original equipment manufacturers that make the vehicles.

For anyone who  has previously owned a vehicle, you are likely well-aware that maintaining a  vehicle in the long-term is not inexpensive in the least. So if one was to ask  the dealer about a swap for a shorter, limited warranty, it would make sense  for the dealer to jump at the opportunity, as he/she would potentially be  saving a tremendous amount of money in the long-run.  However, what you will find is exactly the  opposite. Although this dealer may have been offering you the lifetime warranty  for free, or as an incentive to buy a new car, you will also find that they are  reluctant to offer you the much shorter (theoretically much cheaper)  limited-powertrain warranty offered by the OEM under the same conditions. It is  with that hesitation that you will start to see the real value of that dealer's  so-called lifetime warranty.

Thus, the true  value that lifetime warranty offers hold are not beneficial to the buyer, but  rather the dealer and the dealers marketing team.

At Independence  Toyota, we understand that you may shop around while searching for a new Toyota  or used car, but with that said, we urge you to use the "warranty  swap" method that we explained above, because at the end of the day,  lifetime warranties are unrealistic and harmful to car shoppers. We think you  deserve better.

When you visit  us in Hazleton, ask a member of our team about Toyota Extra Care Service  Agreement, it is the best coverage you can get!

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